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Distribution and presence of chlorogenic acid

Distribution and presence of chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid is widespread in plants, such as sunflower seeds, fruits, vegetables (potatoes), coffee beans, cocoa beans, wheat and so on. So people in their daily lives, will benefit from consumption of grain, vegetables, fruits, tea and fruit juice intake in more or less chlorogenic acids. Chlorogenic acid as long as there is in Caprifoliaceae Lonicera, Song Asteraceae species, but much higher levels of plant, including Eucommia, honeysuckle, sunflowers, following the flowers, coffee, cocoa tree. Chlorogenic acid is honeysuckle, Eucommia one of the main active ingredient. Honeysuckle highest content of chlorogenic acid was undoubtedly a large flower hair honeysuckle, up 11.14%, followed by the red gland honeysuckle up to 7.01%, were undoubtedly more stable levels of Guizhou honeysuckle, its content is about 5.3- 5.7 percent. One old leaves in winter honeysuckle chlorogenic acid is 1.41 times the ordinary leaves, Caulis Lonicerae 9.08 times.

Eucommia leaves at different times of chlorogenic acid were significant differences in the annual cycle, Eucommia leaf chlorogenic acid content in leaves in June, followed in January, the lowest leaf bait month. According to reports, the seedlings Eucommia leaf chlorogenic acid content, some up to 10% in different regions of chlorogenic acid in Eucommia significantly different, Zunyi region the highest content of chlorogenic acid in Eucommia, low levels of Yichang.

Sunflower is the main source of chlorogenic acid, sunflower shells and kernels are present. In the sunflower seed kernels, mainly in the chlorogenic acid sunflower seed kernels of the aleurone cell proteins or particles. According to the determination of chlorogenic acid content of sunflower seed of 1.5% -3.3%, sunflower seed kernels contains chlorogenic acid, 2.1% -3.5%. China is the largest producer of sunflower seed, sunflower seed shells and sunflower seed kernels using the first extraction of chlorogenic acid, and then further extracted sunflower seed protein, increase the value of the use of sunflower meal, therefore, it is an effective way of utilization.

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